Why Yawmi ??

Yawmi is a webmail interface written in TCL designed for Qmail email servers, written using CGI.Tcl and TCLLib. Currently only tested on FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE and Slackware 10 systems, Yawmi should work on any Platform running TCL such as Windows, MacOS-X, or any UNIX system and connect to any type of Mail Server be it a local MTA like Sendmail or Qmail or even a remote hosted MTA, with simple changes in the config file.

Current Version is Yawmi 0.1 and can be found by going to our Downloads Page on Sourceforge.Net. CVS versions will be available soon. Future versions will bring along different themes and support for other languages.

So by now you're probably wondering why do we need another web mail program, and why on earth would you write it in TCL? Well let me explain this. :P The reason I actually started this project was I run a small email service and have a handful of faithful users who depend on my services for it's performance and ease of use. One of my mail server users was having problems using his email account due to a certain cocky ISP that blocks ports, even ports like 25 and 110, and could not send mail using his preferred Email Program. And asked what he could do to be able to send mail. Now at this time I was toying around with IRC and TCL Bot scripts, and was beginning to learn TCL as use for CGI scripts on the web. I found CGI.Tcl to be very beneficial. So I decided to see about writing a Mail Client for my user, that he could access from the web, and i noted the complete lack of any mail related interface for TCL. Luckily I found TCLLib and was on my way. After getting the POP3 mail retrieval working, I decided it would be nice to share this with the world. Little did I know that by using TCL as the backbone of this program, would increase performance of the mail transfers, and just be so easy to get done. I hope you find Yawmi as useful as the users of my Email Services do.